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Welcome Students!

During your studies here at ALBA, you will experience numerous rewarding and exciting challenges. Apart from academics, selecting the right career path and finding the ideal job opportunity is an extremely important and difficult task. We at the Career & Alumni Office are committed to supporting you in your job search and will provide you with a wide range of services so as to assist you in your career planning and development.

We Offer :

  • Career Coaching
  • Career Preparation Workshops
  • Career Development Events
  • The Career Forum
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Job Placement Opportunities



Begin your career planning by arranging a one-on-one coaching session with our experienced staff so as to discuss specific career development issues. The purpose of Career Coaching is to understand your needs, strengths and weaknesses and prepare you for the job search process. 

Career Coaching Will Help You 

  • Explore personality characteristics, skills and competencies
  • Set career objectives
  • Target & analyze the job market
  • Redesign your career


Throughout the academic year, the Career & Alumni Office hosts various workshops so as to enhance your understanding of the recruitment process, strengthen your skills and overall prepare you for entry into the job market.  The following workshops are held:

Map Out Your Job Search:  A workshop that provides you with vital information on the Greek and international job markets, teaching you how to formulate a job search action plan, target specific companies and use Alba's international recruitment tools and employment sites.

CV & Cover Letter Preparation: This workshop teaches you how to write a well-presented CV so that it highlights achievements and gives the recruiter a clear indication of why you  should be considered for their company. Once student CVs are completed, they are then included in the CV Database which is sent to selected companies along with an invitation to participate in  our annual Career Forum.

Interview Skills: This intensive workshop prepares you for future interviews with recruiters and provides an in-depth understanding of the selection process.

The Five Steps of Effective Networking: This workshop focuses on the value of networking and provides you with tips and tricks on how to create a strong network so as to expand your sphere of influence and increase your chance of finding a job.

LinkedIn: How to Brand Yourself: An intensive 3-hour seminar on how to best utilize this professional platform to promote your personal brand, network with like-minded professionals and gain access to career opportunities.


The Career & Alumni Office hosts a variety of career development events throughout the academic year so as to introduce you to key players in the Greek and international job markets and familiarize you with the major companies operating in Greece and abroad. These events include: 

  • Career panels
  • Company presentations
  • CEO presentations
  • Company visits
  • On-campus recruitment days



This is the time and the place for potential recruiters to meet with you and explore employment possibilities. Alba’s annual Career Forum takes place every September. Participating companies screen students based on the CV Database for which they receive access prior to the event. The Career Forum has proven to be a very successful hiring mechanism and is highly rated and recognized by many companies.


The dedicated team of the Alba Career & Alumni Office offers a variety of resources and internship opportunities to assist students in their search.

How do you find an internship locally?

You may access internship opportunities through the Alba Career Office which is in direct contact with a vast network of companies from startups to large multinationals. You may also use your own personal contacts and/or other resources.


International Internships

The Alba Career Office has collaborated with the EFMD Global Network to offer you an International Internship Search Engine. This global talent portal comes as an addition to all other existing initiatives and resources available to you.  As a student of an EFMD Global Network member school, you may activate and log in to the Alba portal to locate international internships, trainee positions, apprenticeships and graduate positions relevant to you.







The Career & Alumni Office offers students eligible for direct placement support, individual assistance and guidance, in order to provide the business community with the right employee in the right position. We help you make contact with potential employers and assist you in evaluating job offers.   A variety of support services are offered to all students and graduates wishing to gain extensive, up-to-date information about the job market. Our exceptional placement records are incomparable in Greece.

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