Alba Campus is conveniently located downtown, in the center of Athens. The campus features a range of medium size auditoriums & classrooms and smaller meeting rooms to facilitate the learning experience. Within a modern yet friendly academic environment our students, faculty and visitors experience prompt, tailor made and environmentally conscious services.



Alba Graduate Business School classes, administrations and faculty offices are spread in three (3) buildings covering approximately 6.000 square meters.

All classes take place at the Xenias 6-8 building.

The premises have 2 large auditorium that can seat around 100 people and 5 smaller ones (40-60 people).

Classes’ sizes range from 20 to 60 seat while various study rooms and labs are available. A student lounge can be found on the ground floor.



The school is equipped with state-of-the-art computer services, supporting both educational and administration needs.

Local Area Network (LAN) consists of more than 200 PCs running under Windows 10 operating system and configured with the latest versions of software. Almost half of them are located in study rooms and laboratories where networked, hish speed, laser, mono and cloour printers are also available.

Students are given their own login name and password in order to logon to the network. The network provides the user with access to the internet and a personal e-mail account. Visitors have access to internet thought free wifi.

All groups of users are being served 24h per day since our networking facilities are up and running all the time. Some facilities are remotely accessible. Support to all users is provided through working hours Monday to Friday (9am-9pm), weekends (9am-5pm) and when necessary, can be provided without limitation to time period. 

It’s our strategic decision to use just one platform for all our information system. Microsoft SharePoint Server is our choice to support our decision. A platform where internet, extranet and intranet facilities have been developed supporting both internal and external user needs. All applications share a common database allowing us to perform KPI analysis and managerial reporting.

Just some of the applications developed using SharePoint Server platform:

  • “Melete” portal. The main way of communication between students and faculty for academic purposes. A portal where faculty uploads teaching material and students can access them at any time. Embedded communication tools are available either for 1-1 communication (professor – student) or for 1-many communication (professor group). Alerts notify users for any change of their interest while a calendar keeps track of the scheduled teaching hours. It’s interconnected with our CRM system and data is being exchanged between systems “on line”.
  • Career Services Portal. It’s an extranet portal where, upon request, selected companies have access to our alumni database and through mechanisms/criteria can search our alumni member CVs.
  • Our web page. A dynamic web page where any staff member can create, maintain and update it through controlled mechanisms.
  • On line application. Any applicant can create an account, complete the application and submit it electronically. Any information submitted updates automatically our CRM system while academic programs staff is notified through alerts for the progress of any application.
  • Intranet portal. A portal for exchanging and sharing information among staff and faculty members.

Specialized software is available on PCs, like SPSS and Stata for students or TSP for academic research to professors. Also, some simulation games are installed to PCs depending on the each course’s software requirements.

Typical simulation games are SAP ERP simulation, Markstat and Oros Quick. Students and faculty can access a variety of financial databases as well. Our library also is connected to various library databases.



Alba maintains 12 fully furnished apartments (with en-suite kitchen, bathroom and cleaning facilities)  that meet the accommodation needs of ALBA’s International students.

Apartments  are available at walking distance from the School's campus. All apartments are located in the area of Ilisia in Athens city center. Accommodation is not included in the tuition fees, and is therefore covered either by the students themselves, or by scholarships.


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