Following a proven organizational pattern of other global graduate business schools, the Alba governance is based on a “dual entity” model: 1. Alba Graduate Business School (AGBS), an operating division of The American College of Greece (ACG) offering academic degree programs; 2. Alba Association (Association) offering executive education and applied research programs.

AGBS functions within ACG’s overall, independent, non-profit, U.S.-based, governance system: ACG’s highest governing authority rests with the ACG board of trustees, which appoints, evaluates and delegates overall ACG operating responsibility to the ACG president and approves ACG (including AGBS) academic programs; the AGBS Executive Dean reports directly to the ACG president, serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet along with other senior ACG administrators and provides leadership for AGBS academic and administrative operations; the Provost, ACG’s Chief Higher Education Academic Officer, has administrative responsibility for assuring alignment with accreditation standards of the New England Commission of Higher Education, ACG’s U.S. higher education accrediting body.

The Association is an independent, non-profit, Greece-based, governance entity: the Association’s highest governing authority rests with the Association General Assembly, which includes founding and corporate members and elects an Association board of directors; the board of directors delegates to the Executive Dean overall administrative responsibility for Association operations; the AGBS Executive Dean also serves as the Executive Dean of the Association and reports to the Association board of directors.


Corporate Members form the backbone of Alba Association by supporting the Association and taking part in decision-making and long-term planning.

Corporate Members make a one-time financial pledge and are given priority in accessing educational and other benefits and activities that Alba offers. Currently, Alba Association has 88 Corporate Members:





As stipulated in ALBA’s Articles of Association and according to its established practices, Corporate Members  of the non-for-profit association " ALBA Executive Development & Applied Research in Business Administration" are entitled to the following prerogatives, regarding ALBA’s operations:

  • participation with voting rights of a Company’s representative in the Meetings of the General Assembly of ALBA’s Members.
  • 20% discount in all programs/seminars organized by the Executive Development Programs Department
  • Free participation in two (per year) Executive Breakfasts organized by the Executive Development Programs Department exclusively for Corporate Members.
  • Free participation in one Learning Conference per year organized by the Executive Development Programs Department.
  • Certain privileges in the Alba Career Forum and the Alba Graduate Business School The American College of Greece Internships Programs
  • Participation in the Corporate Scholarships Program of Alba Graduate Business School The American College of Greece
  • Participation in the course Field Consulting Project via the submission of a company proposal
  • Participation in our AHEAD (Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship & Development) activities through mentoring, creation of case-studies and empowerment of young entrepreneurs


The Board of Directors of Alba Association consists of the following prominent individuals:


Stelios Argyros,  Chairman of the Board of Directors

Konstantinos Bitsios, Secretary General 

Sophia Kounenaki-Efraimoglou, TreasurerAthens Chamber of Commerce & Industry Representative (President & CEO, BIBLIOSYNERGATIKI S.A.)

Evangelos Argyropoulos-Papadopoulos,  Member (Vice-Chairman, PAPADOPOULOS, E. J., S.A.)

Konstantinos Axarloglou, Member (Dean, Alba)

Dr. David G. Horner, Member (President The American College of Greece)

Ulysses Kyriacopoulos, Member 

Philippa Michali, Member (CEO, ALLIANZ HELLAS S.A.)

Kyriacos Sabatakakis,  Member (Country Managing Director, Accenture Workplace Solutions)

Mr. Michael Tsamaz, Member (OTE Group Chairman & CEO)

Efthymios Vidalis, Member SEV President of the Executive Committee

Ioannis Yiotis, Member, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises Representative (President & CEO, Yiotis S.A.)

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