Introducing new Diploma in Negotiations

Wednesday, 17/05/2017

“Go beyond win-lose and win-win and discover a problem-solving approach to the art of negotiation.” 

Dr Seraphim Voliotis

“Negotiations and Conflict Management in the Workplace” is a Diploma for individual learners, which consists of a trilogy of seminars, presented below. 

The subject matter of this Diploma is cooperative interaction: how to reach inter- and intra-organizational agreement. The overriding problem addressed is that organized human interaction often leads to perceived disagreement, otherwise known as conflict, which, however needs to be resolved cooperatively, if possible, in order for the interaction to continue and flourish.

In brief, “Foundational Negotiations: The Fundamental Negotiation Problem”, the first seminar of the Diploma, addresses how two (or more) parties may reach agreement alone. The second seminar, “Conflict Management in the Workplace: Is Conflict a Problem?” addresses how managers can generate resolution whenever the parties fail to achieve one. Finally, the third seminar “Advanced Negotiations and Conflict Management: When the Other is the Problem”, addresses how problematic parties may be handled. 

Participants can attend the seminar/s of their choice. However, the Diploma is acquired by those who will attend all three seminars.

Participant Profile

  • Executives from diverse professional backgrounds, sharing extensive experience in negotiations
  • Middle level executives that include negotiations in their daily, “business as usual” routines
  • Diverse level functional managers
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to establish value by creating lasting business relations

Where can participants expect to employ their new skills?

The aim of this Diploma is to provide participants with a holistic understanding of the negotiating problem and a deep knowledge of the effective application of different techniques and tactics.

To learn more about the Diploma, view details regarding each seminar or to request further information , click here.

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