Full report of “Reskilling & Upskilling for your Business & your HR Function” survey

Thursday, 20/06/2019

The full report of the “Reskilling & Upskilling for your Business & your HR Function” survey, conducted in April 2019 by Alba Graduate Business School on behalf of the Greek Personnel Management Association (CPMA | SDADE) and with the support of the Association of Chief Executives Offices in Greece (ACEO | EASE) is available now (only in Greek language)!

Key findings:

  • The importance of reskilling/ upskilling programs is fully recognized by Human Resource executives and General Managers.
  • It is important to explore actions and interventions in order to overcome identified challenges on the implementation of such programs.
  • Skill gaps were identified mostly in behavioral and digital skills as opposed to technical skills.
  • Organizations and Human Resource executives need to take action as to improve their readiness and capability respectively in managing crucial factors that have an impact on how "work" will change in the future.

Interested in accessing and downloading the full report ?

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