ALBA listed 56th in the Europe-TopMBA Global 200 Business Schools Report

Monday, 02/12/2013

ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece is listed 56th in the Europe - TopMBA Global 200 Business Schools Report for 2013/2014.

 As you will also notice, ALBA is the only Greek school in the list

Our position in the ranking is of extreme importance since this specific survey tracks the opinion of international employers and measures only one indicator – the employability outcome of an MBA program by region. According to QS, the survey behind the ranking asks employers which MBA Program their candidates and recruits come from. Questions are first unprompted and then prompted (without and with a pre-defined list of MBA Programs).

The survey was conducted between March and July 2013 and represents one of the largest exercises QS has undertaken in terms of geographic scope and level of detail. The total 28,000 employer responses counted in 2013 included 4,318 who were actively recruiting MBAs.

How it works: Each employer is asked to list, unprompted, the international schools from which they have recently attempted to recruit MBAs. Each time a school is selected by an employer, it receives one vote and the total number of votes is referred to as the ‘total unprompted votes.’ From a list of 500 business schools that have been categorized by region, employers are then asked to identify the schools they regard as attractive for the purpose of hiring MBA graduates. In order to be included in the survey, a school must have been recommended by an employer in the previous year of the research. Each time a school is voted, it is given one vote, referred to as the ‘total prompted votes’. The prompted and unprompted votes are added together to create the ‘total employer votes’.  

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