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Thursday, 03/04/2008

A forthcoming article by Heck Jean L. and Cooley Philip L. in the Journal of Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting, titled Sixty years of research leadership: contributing authors and institutions to the journal of finance', identifies the contributors to the Journal of Finance (JF), the gold standard in academic finance literature for the past 60 years, over its six decades of existence, as well as the frequency with which they appear in JF.

Among the 3,276 authors, worldwide, who have published in the Journal of Finance, Professor Nickolaos G. Travlos, ranks 63rd for the period 1946-2005 with nine appearances, and 39th for the sub period 1976-2005. Regarding Europe, Professor Travlos, ranks 1st among the authors, employed by a European academic institution, who have published in JF.

Repeated appearances in the Journal of Finance, as Heck and Cooley state, are exceptional and seem even more remarkable when one considers that many finance doctorates never appear once in finance journals, to say nothing of the discipline's flagship journal. The talent and effort required to conduct research in finance and to write articles acceptable to referees and editors most likely dissuade many from trying. Of those who try, the low acceptance rates of JF create another barrier. Thus, the accomplishments of the authors that are identified by the article are especially remarkable.

Professor Travlos' accomplishment highlights the great extent to which ALBA is committed to continuous research, on the basis of excellence of teaching and intellectual impact on the business world. It also strengthens the mission of ALBA to help to shape the future business world by pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge and making that knowledge relevant to practitioners.

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