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Competing in a world of digital ecosystems

3 of June 2019
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18:30 Xenia 6-8, Alba premises

The Alba Leading Scholars Series continues with its second lecture on June 3rd , 2019.  The second speaker to challenge our thinking is Dr. Michael G. Jacobides,Professor of Strategy and Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at London Business School.

Dr. Michael G. Jacobides, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, London Business School , who was awarded the “Theory to Practice” Strategy Award at the 2018 Vienna Strategy Summit, will share with the lecture participants his cutting edge, research-based but practice-focused knowledge and management insights on how to compete in a digital context


Competing in a world of digital ecosystems

How is the competitive landscape changing?

What are the implications of new digital giants in transforming sectors, and how do firms change their way of operating, migrating away from their traditional structures and dominating through an ever-increasing set of interconnected digital ecosystems?

And what should you do if you’re neither Google or Apple, yet have to compete in a world where digital ecosystems are the flavor of the day?

Michael G. Jacobides will be sharing his most recent research on designing digital ecosystems, offering a preview of his forthcoming Harvard Business Review paper, and sharing insights from his work with the World Economic Forum, his role in BCG and his collaboration with leading global corporates and entrepreneurial ventures alike.

Our Keynote Speaker

Michael G. Jacobides holds the Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at London Business School, where he is Professor of Strategy. He is Academic Advisor to the Boston Consulting Group, Visiting Scholar at the New York Fed, and Visiting Fellow at Cambridge.

A frequent keynote speaker, he engages in corporate, industry, and broad-appeal events such as TEDx and the Global Drucker Forum, and works with companies as they adjust to a shifting environment.

He studies industry evolution, new business models, value migration and structural change in firms and sectors, and looks at how digital ecosystems transform the business context. He teaches strategy, innovation, transformation and turnarounds, and works on thought leadership with consultants such as McKinsey, IDEO, Accenture, PwC and Deloitte, and on strategy with corporates such as Santander, Zurich, CS, Airbus, Lufthansa, Vodafone, Nokia, DeBeers, Burberry, MerckSerono and the NHS.

He advises disruptive start-ups and established firms alike, and has worked with policy makers in Europe and the US. He has visited Harvard, NYU, Cambridge, Imperial, Bocconi and Wharton, where he obtained his PhD, after studying at Athens, Cambridge and Stanford. His work has appeared in the top academic journals such as SMJ, AMJ, AMR, OrgSci and Industrial & Corporate Change, where he is a co-Editor, as well as HBR and FT, and appears on CNN and BBC. On policy, he has worked with the UK parliament (on the future of financial services), the European Council (on innovation in Europe) and has spearheaded RedesignGreece. He served on the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum, where he is the Academic Lead on the Digital Ecosystems project, and has presented in the Davos Annual meetings.


Participation in the event is by invitation only.

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