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The  Alba CSR Learning  Series offers  a portfolio of learning initiatives, sponsored by corporations,   addressed to organizational and community stakeholders (human capital, clients, employee families, local communities, student communities) and covering a rich array of subjects, in which knowledge and knowledge sharing, emerge through  a blend of collaborative learning, teamwork, team expressivity and expression, artfulness, craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Through the  CSR Learning Partnerships, Alba Executive Development aspires  to engage corporate stakeholders in the wider dissemination of knowledge to the benefit of society and to encourage the community  to embrace learning as a path to sustainability, prosperity and growth.


Original content is designed and provided by Alba Executive Development, co-created with the sponsoring  organization and emerging in unique combinations, approaches and forms that boost a culture of exploration, experimentation and authentic learning and add purpose and impact to the learning initiatives.


‘The Chipita Future Leaders Learning Series: Developing a Growth Mindset for the Digital Era’ sponsored by Chipita SA.

About the Initiative

This Learning Series, is a program, offered and sponsored by Chipita, to Greek regional public University students, who wish to develop a set of skills and competencies that will assist them to successfully navigate their careers in the era of disruption. The Program, which is designed and orchestrated by Alba Executive Development department and taught by Alba resident and visiting Faculty, aspires to empower participants with:

  • the learning agility that will ignite them to be open to learning and to be able to utilize, blend and exploit their learning experience in the future
  • self – leadership skills for the era of disruption
  • disruption-related methodologies: design thinking, agile, scrum
  • a cutting -edge understanding of the future of management and the future of work
  • a collaborative and network learning mindset that opens opportunities for growth and success

Learning Destination 2019-20:


The 2019 Learning Series, took place on September 30 - October 2, 2019, in Thessaloniki and attracted more than 60 participants from local Universities. The program was organized in cooperation with Perrotis College, the graduate and postgraduate education unit of the American Farm School (AFS) that offers higher education programs for careers in the food and agricultural industries and was hosted by the American Farm School.


Learning Destination 2020-21


The core part of the 2020 Learning Series took place via the zoom synchronous learning platform and was addressed exclusively to students of the Democritus University of Thrace. An additional part of the Program will be delivered on the Democritus University campus in Komotini, in Spring/Summer

Learning Destination 2021-22:

to be Announced Soon!

Student Testimonials

“What can I say? This program offered me knowledge that I would have never gained in the University. A big thank you to Chipita, to Alba for the hospitality and most of all for the transfer of knowledge!”

“This was a very interesting program that offered us knowledge that we will be able to apply both in our future careers and in our personal lives!

“It was very interesting – I appreciated the fact that it blended different themes and topics and addressed multiple perspectives and approaches”

“An innovative program with an exceptional approach in the transfer and diffusion of knowledge. Congratulations for the initiative. I hope that in the future, the knowledge and the mindset I gained through this program will help me give back to this effort and contribute in widening the horizons of other young people”


Young Achievers Learning Series: Developing a Growth Mindset for the Digital Era’ sponsored by Hellenic Petroleum (2013-2014)

This program, sponsored by the CSR department of Hellenic Petroleum, was addressed to Greek University students – with a focus on freshmen and sophomores and aimed at empowering them with cutting-edge knowledge and competencies for the era of flux. The curriculum included the following topics: Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation Skills, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

The program was delivered two times, the first time in Athens and the second time in Thessaloniki and attracted more than 200 students.

In 2017, Hellenic Petroleum, sponsored a follow-up program, The Young Achievers  Learning Series II: Preparing Talent for the Digital Era, with a focus on Digital Skill Development.


Positive Parenting Series 2012, Sponsored by AIG HELLAS

This interactive learning series was offered to employees in order to address their parenting role and aspired to assist parents to:

  • Gain valuable insight on important parenting issues and current trends/challenges in parenting.
  • Develop skills that transform both their parental and personal roles and conduct.
  • Engage in organizational team learning in a subject matter vital to employee well-being.


The workshops are delivered by a group of academics, as well as of experienced and successful professionals and facilitators of diverse background that share a passion for excellence in their field of expertise.


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