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Pavlos Vlachos

Academic Director of the ALBA MBA ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MARKETING B.Sc., Athens University of Economics and Business; MBA, National Technical University of Athens; Ph.D., Athens University of Economics and Business

Pavlos A. Vlachos is Associate Professor of Marketing at ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece. He is teaching Marketing Strategy & Analytics and Research Methods. He serves as an Associate Editor of European Journal of Marketing and of Frontiers in Organizational Psychology. His current research interests include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Stakeholder Management, and Institutional Complexity. His work has appeared in Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, European Journal of Marketing, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Journal of Business Research among others.

Contact Details

TEL.: (+30) 210-896 4531-8 Fax : (+30) 210-896 4737 E mail : [email protected] More information here


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Best Paper Award, 16th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2008)

PriceWaterhouseCoopers Scholarship for Academic Excellence (2002)