Core Faculty

Georgios Batsakis

Assistant Professor of International Business B.SC., University of The Aegean; MSc, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University ROTTERDAM; PhD, Brunel Business School, Brunel University London

Dr. Georgios Batsakis is an Assistant Professor of International Business. He has held academic positions at Brunel University London, the University of Kent, the University of Greenwich and Athens University of Economics and Business. His research focuses on internationalisation processes and foreign market entry strategies of multinational enterprises. His teaching lies in the areas of international business, strategic management and entrepreneurship. Dr. Batsakis has published in reputable international business and general management academic journals, such as the Journal of World Business, British Journal of Management, Management International Review, International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Journal of Business Research, among others.

Contact Details

TEL.: TEL.: (+30) 210-896 4531-8 Fax : Fax : (+30) 210-896 4737 E mail : [email protected]


Mohr, A., Batsakis, G., & Stone, Z.,2018. Explaining the effect of rapid internationalization on horizontal foreign divestment in the retail sector. An extended Penrosean perspective. Journal of International Business Studies (in press)

Singh, S, Tabassum, N., Darwish, T. & Batsakis, G.,2018. Corporate Governance and Tobin's Q as a Measure of Organizational Performance. British Journal of Management (in press)

Mohr, A. & Batsakis, G., 2018. Firm resources, cultural distance and simultaneous international expansion in the retail sector. International Business Review (in press)

Batsakis, G. & Mohr, A., 2017 . Revisiting the relationship between product diversification and internationalization process in the context of emerging market MNEs. Journal of World Business, 52(4), pp. 564-577

Mohr, A. & Batsakis, G., 2017. Internationalisation Speed and MNE Performance: A Study of the Market-seeking Expansion of Retail MNEs. Management International Review , 57(2), pp. 153-177

Mohr, A. & Batsakis, G., 2014. Intangible Assets, International Experience and Internationalisation Speed of Retailers. International Marketing Review , 31(6), pp. 601-620.

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