Strategic Customer Service Leadership

Leading with Customer Service Values
Duration: 32 Hours (4 days)
Participation Dates: 13-14/5, 20/5 and 27/5
Application Deadline: April 30, 2019
Fees: €950 (ΗICS members: €600)


This executive program aspires to empower senior Customer Service managers with leadership competencies that will assist them to navigate their teams and their Organization towards sustainability of excellence and value creation, in an era of flux.


The course is comprised of 3 modules, each composing a vital part in the leadership effectiveness framework.

Learning will be orchestrated and achieved through a combination and blend of research based knowledge, practical expertise and corporate wisdom, encouraging collaborative learning and fostering an environment in which participants will bring their individual value to the team, through an exchange of ideas, tools and practices and a co-creation of knowledge.

The Program methodology includes, research based knowledge, cutting edge insights, real life case studies, gamification and play, action learning, and reflective learning.





Module 1

Customer Culture & Values Game

A company’s culture is driven by core values that guide the day-to-day behaviors of all employees. We should be intentional about our culture and demonstrate our values in everything we do.

We should take the time to understand our organization’s culture and to see what actions we can take to live our values. Be a role model, lead by example.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Define your values story
  • Explore ways to bring your company’s values to life
  • Understand how you can lead by example: Defining and communicating your culture values story in simple terms
  • Create a multi faceted plan that encourages employees to live the essence of your culture and each of values every day throughout the entire employee journey.
  • Leading by Example: what can you do personally to role model your company’s values?
  • What does ‘Organizational Culture’ mean? Organizational culture relates to the behaviours of a set of employees within the same work environment: how they act and engage with the organization, the values they ascribe to these actions and how employees engage with each other at work.


Module 2

Positive Leadership & Positive Customer Service Capital

This module unfolds around the concepts of positivity, positive leadership and positive organizational culture and includes the following themes:

-Introduction to Positive Psychology

We will introduce the discipline of positive psychology and present the scientific evidence regarding the beneficial effects of positivity in one’s own personal and professional life. We will identify and present the main methods for building positivity. We will focus on experiencing positive emotions, flow, savoring, meaning making, identifying personal values, character strengths, and learned optimism, since they represent the major routes for building positivity. 


-Building Positivity

In the last decade it has become evident that experiencing positive emotions plays a significant role in boosting resilience, protecting physical and psychological health and promoting an overall sense of well-being. Research has indicated that people who experience positive emotions and score high on positivity live longer, have less physical and psychological illnesses, and report higher level of life satisfaction. In this workshop we present different ways and methods to increase positivity, experience positive emotions, discover what makes us feel well, and learn to create positivity.


-Positivity and Character Strengths

Each individual has a unique set of character strengths. Identifying and using your strengths, help you perform better, be more productive and get greater satisfaction from your life. Research has shown that people who use their strengths have more energy, higher effectiveness and engagement in their life and work, and greater sense of fulfillment. Identifying our strengths and exploring how to apply them in our personal and professional life.


-Positive Leadership

The application of principles of positivity in leading teams, in building a positive organizational culture that is diffused within and outside the Organization and in boosting competencies such as resilience, serendipity, optimism, emotional intelligence and positive change and adaptability within customer service teams.


- Building skills for the Digitalization Era

-The benefits of positivity in the workplace in the era of disruption.

-Developing and implementing positive psychological strategies for organizational agility and transformation.

- Capitalization of digital literacy for organizational sustainability and growth.

- Coupling digital skills sophistication with the capacity to critically evaluate them in a “wise” manner for positive transformation.

- Developing a growth, strength–related mindset in order to transform digital skills to targeted, critically evaluated competencies within the scope of the digital economy



Module 3

Positive Values in Action

During the last module, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use coaching approaches and how to include coaching competencies and frameworks into our managerial roles,  in order to facilitate growth and empowerment of their teams, to share their knowledge and experience in order to maximize potential and to develop a positive organizational culture within their team. The session will focus on leadership coaching as a path to boost productivity and to utilize strengths in order to maximize results, engagement and a clear understanding of organizational and strategic goals. The elements of empathetic understanding, active listening, trust, compassion and the exploration of the ideal self are key in this process.

The session will heavily rely on scenarios and role plays that reflect real-life situations and challenges that managers currently face, including the issues of managing power and influence, leading through change and disruption.


This program is addressed to:

 - Senior Customer Service leaders that wish to strategically lead their teams towards growth and success

- Newly appointed Customer Service Leaders that aim to build a cultural alignment within their teams

- Organizational leaders that aspire to create and drive value for customer organizations and for their organization


Course Faculty
Business consultant, Practicing psychotherapist & Executive coach view more
HR Consultant, Training & Development Strategist view more
Professor of Psychology, Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences view more


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