Mentoring Program: Developing Mentors and Mentees

Co-creating Networks of Wisdom in Organizations
Duration: 48 online contact hours (via the Zoom Platform)
Start Date: June 2020


This program is aimed at executives at different stages in their career, from mature individuals seeking to impart experience and knowledge down the line to millennial employees seeking to disseminate innovate trends throughout the organisation.  The course will cover being a mentor and mentee in equal measure. Mentoring is something that we do continuously, and this program will enable individuals to establish these activities on a more formal basis within the organisation. The course has been designed to reflect the current challenges in this COVID-19 period with regard to mentoring in a virtual work environment.

The program aspires to deliver benefits at two levels. The first level relates to daily practice and the opportunity to enhance one’s ability to learn new mentoring skills and extend existing approaches that an executive is using.  The benefits of focusing on the dual role of mentor/mentee are as follows:

  • Being more adaptable to changing your goals more quickly and so that they conform with strategic objectives of the organization
  • Being able to build networks of expertise within the organisation that can more effectively share knowledge
  • More efficient exploitation of knowledge and experience that already exists in the organisation 

The second level relates to building a mentoring culture within an organisation and developing leaders who can balance the need to be decisive and benevolent in equal measure. Building a Mentoring culture in the organization has the following benefits:

  • It increases the spectrum of activities that HR provides to your organization in terms of inducting new people in the mentor/mentee role and harnessing the experience of retired employees
  • Mentoring has the ability to prevent (rather than resolve) conflicts in your organization
  • It has the potential to position mentoring as a new role within the organization, which formally recognises the contribution of good mentors at work
  • Developing mentoring/mentee skills increases feelings of psychological safety with an organization – which is directly linked to higher employee engagement and innovation


This innovative course is based on cutting-edge research already being produced by members of the academic team who are shaping their respective fields in collaboration with colleagues around the world.

The program will consist of 48 online contact hours. Participants will attend two weekly sessions (each session lasting four hours) over six weeks. 

Program Curriculum

  • Mentoring – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Creating the Mentoring relationship
  • Sharing a Positive Mindset
  • Appreciative Inquiry and Gratitude
  • Servant Leadership
  • Mediation in the workplace
  • Connecting Mentoring and Mediation
  • Growth Mindset
  • Mentoring and the psychology of ‘Nudges’
  • Analyzing individual and organizational case studies I
  • Analyzing individual and organizational case studies II
  • Putting it altogether – brining mentoring in your organization


The course is unique in the market in that it examines how a mentor/mentee can best work with an individual in the context of their organisational system. We draw on theories and case studies, and examine individual and organisational psychology. We help you develop your own practice as a mentor/mentee. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more virtual working, thus the course will pay special attention to online mentoring. We also provide one-to-one supervision throughout the programme to help you reflect on your own personal development and gauge the effectiveness and ethics of your work.


  • Individuals who want to become capable, confident, professional and ethical mentors
  • HR, OD, change and strategic leaders and consultants seeking to introduce Mentoring concepts, practices and schemes into their organisations to enable change and improve performance
  • Managers, executives and directors seeking to introduce Mentoring into their sphere of influence.


Course Faculty
Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece) view more
Head of People Development, Agile Actors view more
Participating Adjunct Professor of Mediation and Negotiations Management view more
Professor of Psychology, Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences view more


During the program you will be treated as a mentor/mentee, which allows us to examine and reflect on your mentoring skills. You benefit from

  • facilitated online group discussions and experiential activity
  • feedback on your skills practice
  • case studies and experiences from tutors
  • online supervision groups for further practice and reflection, supported by a member of the tutor team
  • one-to-one online coaching/mentoring supervision support
  • support you to develop your own network of mentors/mentees.


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