Foundational Negotiations

The Negotiation Problem
Duration: 16 Hours / 2 days
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In this seminar participants are assumed to be experienced in various types of negotiations. However, it is very often the case, even with experienced professionals, that we fail to understand the essence of the negotiation problem, or at least its full extent, intricacies, and finer dilemmas. Such a failure most often leads to suboptimal results, even when the outcome appears to be, at first glance, positive.
We shall overcome some myths:
  • that negotiations cannot be taught,
  • that one is born a good negotiator,
  • that one can only learn negotiations ‘in the streets’,
  • that men are better negotiators than women, etc.
This seminar focuses on the foundations of negotiation and highlights the essence of the two main types of negotiations: the distributive negotiation and the integrative negotiation. It provides structure in a process that most approach intuitively. Intuition, of course, is a very valuable tool, especially for experienced professional. However, if left unchecked it often leads us astray; providing structure to a practice and understanding the underlying problem – the negotiation problem – in depth, guides our intuition towards better outcomes in practice.

We all practice negotiations, as early on as childhood, either individually or in teams or, even as representatives of organizations and nations. And we practice negotiations continuously in our professional or personal lives. The stakes and the conditions may vary, but the fundamental principles and the negotiation problem do not.


By combining participant role play with case-study discussion, theoretical analysis and audio-visual tools the participants can expect to learn how to:
  • Distinguish between negotiating situations and apply appropriate strategy and tactics.
  • Appreciate the key characteristics of his/her position as well as of the counterpart’s.
  • Identify the surplus of a negotiation and the bargaining range.
  • Set realistic and feasible goals.
  • Discover ‘creative’ solutions to problems faced.
  • Find sustainable ways to claim value.
  • Contribute towards reaching efficient negotiated settlements.
  • Choose when and how to open and close a negotiation.
  • Evaluate the outcome of a negotiation.
  • Communicate appropriately and build trust gradually in a negotiation.
  • Build and maintain a good working relationship with the other side.


  • Junior and mid-level managers in all areas within the company
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to establish value creating and lasting business relations


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