Digital Transformation Learning Series

Navigating the waves of digital transformation and disruptive innovation
Start Date: April 26, 2018
Participation Dates: Capstone Session: Understanding Agile & Scrum: Methodology & Philosophy


GPMA – ALBA Learning Series is a novel set of open learning initiatives, designed and addressed exclusively to GPMA members and aspiring to ignite the HR community to explore contemporary concepts, themes and competencies that are connected to current and future challenges and opportunities that Organizations and Executives face.

Learning Scope & Outcome:

  • sharing new knowledge
  • bouncing concept and ideas
  • exploring new competencies and skills
  • network learning & learning from each other
  • composing the future of HRM

Learning Focus: up-dating & right-dating knowledge through a blend of lectures by world-class academics, experiential stimuli and team reflections that will encourage the HR community to explore, discover and contextualize knowledge, know-how, thoughts, concepts and ideas.

2017 THEME: Navigating the waves of digital transformation and disruptive innovation

The 2017 ALBA - GPMA Learning Series aim at:

  • offering the HR community an overview of the Digitalization driven challenges and changes that affect organizational structure, culture and competencies, as well as leadership and HRM
  • familiarizing participants with know-how, philosophies and methodologies that are closely connected with Digital Transformation
  • stimulating a forum for knowledge exploration, sharing, utilization and renewal that will empower the HR community to assist organizations and their people to navigate through digital transformation and to flourish


Capstone Session: Tracing Management in the Digital Era

This session will provide an overview of the underlying concepts, dynamics, opportunities and challenges of digital transformation and disruptive innovation.The session aspires to provide answers and stimuli for discussion to the following questions:        

  • What is disruptive innovation
  • What does exponential technological growth mean for the future
  • What are the emerging new business models in the digital economy
  • How does disruptive innovation affect organizational structure, organizational culture, leadership and HRM

Discovering Design Thinking & User / Customer  Experience

Design Thinking is a people-centric approach initially used by designers that is increasingly used and appreciated in numerous aspects of organizational life.This session aspires to assist participants to:

  • Understand how to use the tools and stages of design thinking in order to become innovative thinkers and  to uncover creative opportunities
  • Explore the design thinking model as a problem solving approach. Learn how a design attitude complements a decision attitude
  • Use design inquiry to frame and reframe problems, ensuring that the solution addresses the most important issues in a situation

Leading with Agility: Agile Leadership

This session focuses on the agility leaders currently require in order to navigate effectively the multiple and often ambiguous and paradoxical realities arising out of organizational imperatives and dynamics. The specific foci of the seminar are:

  • The role of personal agility in adapting successfully to the evolving leadership challenges and traditions
  • How agility allows leaders to effectively resolve various forms of work-related conflict, especially those related to issues of strategy, communication and feedback
  • The role of leader agility in shaping a work climate that is supportive to employee creative and innovative behavior

Understanding Agile & Scrum. Methodology and philosophy

“Agile” is a term used to describe a general approach to software development. All agile methods, including Scrum, emphasize teamwork, close customer collaboration, and the ability to respond quickly to change. Lately, numerous organizations adopt Agile and Scrum Methods in order to effectively deal with new projects and assignments. This trend entails a new approach in organizational structure and culture and HRM. This session aspires to:                                                                                                                                                  

  • Familiarize participants with Agile & Scrum Methodology                                                 
  • Assist participants to explore and identify the organizational and personal competencies that are connected with Agile Methodology and to reflect on the organizational culture that stems from Agile Philosophy


Digital Transformation refers to the adaptation that established organizations, corporations and professionals are forced to go through, if they are to survive the digital disruption from their more agile competitors and established software firms and technology startups that use technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises.

Digital disruption/transformation challenges

  • digitalization of everything enhances our resolution in everything
  • data are emerging as the top asset of the company
  • customer experience lies at the core and is designed as art, engineered as a complex system and innovated as science
  • boundaries between industries and locations are extinguished and banned
  • evolution is exponential and affects organizational structure, culture and mindset

Digital disruption/transformational trades, trends and competencies

  • cultural ambidexterity - combining intercultural knowledge and skills
  • mental agility - critical thinking skills, comfort with complexity, ability to blend, combine and connect
  • learning agility - applying past experience to new situations
  • change agility - experimenting and dealing with change; demonstrating a passion for ideas and continuous development
  • emotional intelligence & empathy - understanding, reading and relating to others
  • building collaborative relationships



Participant profile

  • HR leaders that need to prepare, update and reskill  their Organizations and their Teams for the Digital Transformation Era
  • HR managers that that aspire to become agents of agility and change within their Organization in the context of Digitalization
  • HR executives that are working on Digital Transformation/ Acceleration projects within their Organizations
  • HR professionals and executives that wish to up -date their skills, competencies and knowledge in order to effectively cope with the challenges of Digital Transformation
  • HR Graduates that wish to explore the challenges and opportunities connected to Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation


  • "Tracing Management in the Digital Era"  & "Understanding Agile & Scrum-Methodology and philosophy" are delivered by: Dr N. Mylonopoulos
  • "Discovering Design Thinking & User / Customer  Experience" is delivered by: Dr Th. Papadimitriou
  • "Leading with Agility: Agile Leadership" is delivered by:Dr B.Mainemelis


Course Faculty
Associate Professor of Digital Business view more
Fellow, SDA Bocconi & Founding Partner, Charge Ventures view more
Charalampos Mainemelis Director of the SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership
Professor of Organizational Behavior view more


The Series is co-sponsored by GPMA ( Greek People Management Associations)

  • Full Fee per session : 200 euro
  • Full Fee for the Learning Series:  700 euro
  • Early Bird Fee per session (by June 23, 2017): 150 euro
  • Early Bird Fee for the Learning Series (by June 23, 2017): 525 euro 

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