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Welcome Recruiters!

If you are seeking top talent you have come to the right place. Amongst our students & alumni you will find professionals with several years of experience, capable of leading companies & organizations, as well as younger executives who can contribute decisively towards the market’s development. Regardless of seniority, experience and age, all of our graduates are characterized by rigorous training, advanced skills & professional ethics.


ALBA Partners with You

The Career & Alumni Office is here to support you through your recruitment process. Whether you host a company presentation, participate in one of our career panels, sponsor a career-related event or post a job or internship, we will ensure you attract and retain the right talent for your company. There are multiple ways to engage with our students and alumni.

  • Hosting a Company Presentation or a Visit to your Premises
  • Participating in a Career Panel
  • Hosting a CEO Presentation
  • Posting a Job
  • Posting an Internship
  • Accessing ALBA CVs



If you are looking for a top intern, we can help you attract highly qualified and motivated students from business fields such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Shipping and Tourism Management.

Why host an ALBA Intern?

  • Enrich current perspectives and practices with an intern’s fresh ideas
  • Build a qualified candidate pool for permanent positions
  • Assist young professionals in their career path

How does it work?

  • Type: Unpaid
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Health & Life Insurance:  Covered by ALBA Graduate Business School


Application Process

If you wish to host an ALBA Intern, please send us your internship posting. We will circulate it to our students and provide you with the relevant CVs so as to select the best candidate. The application period opens every February.

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Register now to gain access to our CV database which showcases the CVs of our most recent graduates. CVs are grouped by Academic Program and searchable via preselected fields. You may use tags to assign keywords or terms to a selected CV and bookmarks to save the CVs that interest you.



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Our Career Forum takes place every September and serves as a platform which provides the business community with tomorrow’s leaders. Participating companies screen students (with less than 5 years of working experience) based on the ALBA CV Database for which they receive access prior to the event. The Career Forum has proven to be a very successful hiring mechanism as companies have the opportunity to interview top-level candidates.


Contact us if you are interested in hosting a company presentation, a visit to your company’s premises, participating in one of our career panels or sharing a job post with us!



Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor of the ALBA Career Forum. Some of the benefits include:

  • Strong publicity and exposure to students and the business community
  • A promotional booth located at the entrance to the Career Forum

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