Strategic Human Resource Management - Greece in Europe

Friday, 24/05/2002

Conducted by Dr. Chris Brewster, Professor of International Human Resource Management at South Bank University, London, who has successfully taught in our seminars before and has a solid knowledge of Greek HR issues.

This intensive two-day seminar will build on the twin facts that people are the largest part of the operating costs of nearly all organizations; and that they are the most effective source of innovation, customer service and success. Given these two facts the seminar will address the best ways for Human Resource Management to contribute to organizational success.

This will be an interactive session with inputs from Professor Brewster; group discussions and the chance to exchange ideas; and case studies. Participants will get relevant handouts; and have the chance to discuss their role and responsibilities with Professor Brewster.

Participants will be enabled to understand better the key drivers in strategic Human Resource Management to see how they apply to their organization; and understand how to make their organization more cost-effective in its management of Human Resource Management. Overall the intention is to equip participants to be better able to configure Human Resource Management as a contributor to the successful operation of the organization

Participants will receive, in a challenging and interactive way, latest thinking and new ideas about managing Human Resource Management strategically within their organizations.

The material will enable them to evaluate their own organization's Human Resource Management and to consider changes to make it more cost-effective.

The Seminar will be of interest to executives with responsibility for ensuring or advising on the Strategic Management of Human Resource within their organization, to researchers wanting to explore new developments in Strategic Human Resource Management and to policy makers with responsibility for Human Resources issues.

Participants will be therefore:

  • Human Resource specialists
  • Line managers with responsibility for their organization's human resources
  • Researchers active in the field of Human Resource Management, and

Governmental and other policy specialists wanting to keep Greek Human Resource practice up to international standards


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