Skills for Jobs in the Digital Era Workshop

Thursday, 15/11/2018

The Digital Enlightenment Forum, member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, organized the “Skills for Jobs in the Digital Era Workshop” held on  8 November 2018, at Brussels.

This one-day workshop focused on the new demands in education and training and the changing job market that come with digital innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced digital technologies.

Participants coming from policy, educational institutions and industry engaged in a multi-disciplinary debate. Among them the Dean of Alba, Dr. K. Axarloglou who presented the curricula innovation the Alba Executive Development has implemented with emphasis in employability through reskilling and upskilling in the era of Digitalization.

These learning initiatives are designed and delivered in collaboration with strategic partners that form together a learning ecosystem through which learners receive a rich and multidimensional learning experience and acquire the relevant skills and competences to become employable in the market. The aim is to empower learners to develop “learning agility”, the ability to learn, adapt and apply themselves in constantly changing, first-time conditions as well as a learning mindset that enables them to manage effectively the disruptive nature of their environment. Finally, the top graduates of these programs get the opportunity to leverage their professional network through internships or trainee jobs within leading companies in the market enhancing thus their employability and professional growth.


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