Reality Check Talk I: Mihalis Boutaris on Chinese entrepreneurial decision making

Wednesday, 29/04/2020

On Wednesday April 15, 2020 the Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development (AHEAD) welcomed Mihalis Boutaris for the inaugural Reality Check Talk. A Reality Check Talk is organized exclusively for Alba Students to bridge the classroom with entrepreneurial experience and action. These talks include a short introduction by our guest and then students ask questions. They follow Chatham House Rules to ensure that participants get the most out of the discussion

Mihalis Boutaris shared his experience with entrepreneurship in China, in a Talk titled “"Understanding Entrepreneurial Decision Making in China". Mihalis is a fifth-generation winemaker who loves innovation. Apart from his role in Ktima Kir-Yianni, his family's business, Mihalis has accumulated significant experience working for various winemakers in California, Chile, France etc. From 2011 to 2016 he worked hard to establish the Greek wine brand in China and Asia Pacific. This effort included setting up a vineyard to pilot wine production there.

The key points of the discussion evolved around differences and similarities between Greek and Chinese entrepreneurial decision making. Mihalis reflected on elements of entrepreneurial action, such as negotiations and contracts. The discussion also included the strength of Greek products in China and local tastes that affect demand. It was also interesting to better understand the scale of the Chinese market. Finally, the discussion concluded with some hands-on advice on the wine varieties most sought after in the Asian market.

More than 80 Alba Students joined the on-line Reality Check Talk with Mihalis Boutaris that was delivered via Zoom. We are now looking forward to the next Reality Check Talk later in May.

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