RCI 2021B | Current trends in recruitment and the COVID-19 impact on businesses in Greece

Monday, 20/12/2021

Help us pave the way in comprehending current post-COVID-19 business environment 

Just before the end of this crazy year, it’s high time to measure recruitment sentiment in the Greek labor market!

Contribute to the estimation of future labor trends in Greece by spending 20’ of your time to answer the questions of the RCI 2021 Questionnaire – and be the first to know the results!

Bonus fact: In the specialized section of the RCI survey you can also express your opinions regarding COVID-19 influence (its magnitude and perseverance) on the Greek business community!

The Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI) measures trends in Greek labor market, especially in the field of attracting and selecting personnel. It also includes a “barometer” which follows the consequences of financial crises for Greek companies.

The RCI 2021 special theme measures, for the 4th consequent round, the effects of the COVID-19 crises in Greece and map the new emerging business landscape.

In unprecedented situations like the one we are going through right now, knowledge is power.

 Participate in the RCI 2021B survey

For more information on the survey please contact Mr. Aristotelis Alexopoulos at [email protected] or 210 8964531.




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