The Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI) 2018 results are out !

Tuesday, 18/06/2019

The Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI)  2018 results are out!

The objective of this annual survey is to explore the perceptions and future trends of companies regarding their recruitment processes and methodologies. In addition, the RCI survey follows the impact of the recession in the Greek economy and offers interesting insights in the special topic of “building trust ” in the corporate environment.

The RCI 2018 survey was conducted from December 2018 to January 2019 with the support of and HR Professional while the special theme was supported by GPMA.

More than 2.000 invitations were sent out to HR departments, recruitment and selection managers, CEOs, etc. of companies operating in Greece.

Main findings:

  • The general Recruitment Confidence Index moved up to 119.5 from 115.8 in 2017, while the specialized Index for managerial and executive positions lowered to 109.6 from 111.8 in 2017. Perhaps it is of particular interest to monitor the evolution of the executives’ index in the next surveys as an indication for the growth characteristics and direction of the Greek economy.
  • Business executives in Greece are optimistic regarding the future. They expect an increase in demand for their core product/ service resulting in an increase in the revenue. In this frame they recognize the need for new recruits to meet this increased demand. Indeed, they are optimistic not only regarding increased recruitment but also for being able to offer salary increases to existing employees.
  • The “economic crisis”, which has influenced the Greek economy over the past decade and had a clear – negative influence on the RCI Index, seems to have diminishing effects on the business activity. Although they are still affected, businesses in Greece seem to have adapted their operations to this particular economic environment. Probably Greek businesses have by now “learned” how to live with the recession.
  • With regard to the specific issue of intra-corporate trust between management and employees in Greek companies, the executives who participated in the research clearly recognize its importance for the effective operation of the organization. However, there is still a lot to be done in this field, from relevant training for the executives to incorporating trust measures in performance management practices to start with.


Download the full RCI 2018 report (in Greek)


For more information and details please contact Mr. Aristotelis Alexopoulos at [email protected] or 210 8964531 (etx. 2270).

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