Professor Haridimos Tsoukas took over as editor-in-chief of Organization Studies

Monday, 28/07/2003

Organization Studies is the top academic journal in Europe and one of the most significant journals in the world today, publishing academic papers related to management and organizations. Publishing in OS is very competitive, with the rejection rate currently being as high as 80%. It is the first time that a Greek academic affiliated with a university-level institution based in Greece takes over as Editor of a major international academic journal. Organization Studies is published by the European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS). For further information about Organization Studies, you may visit the following web sites: or

Following his appointment, Professor Tsoukas remarked as follows:

It is a great honour and responsibility to be the Editor-in-Chief of an international academic journal as prestigious as Organization Studies. My aim is to ensure that (a) we maintain and further enhance quality by accepting only the very best papers, (b) strongly encourage inter-disciplinary research into organizational and management issues, and (c) make OS the most attractive publishing outlet for the best and most interesting authors worldwide. As well as being open to new ideas and emergent perspectives, and rooted in the social sciences, which have always been the hallmarks of OS, publishing cutting-edge research of a kind that is non-reductionist, that embraces the complexity of organizations, is sensitive to the language-dependent texture of organizational reality, is appreciative of context, chance and feedback loops, acknowledges the importance of agency and process, and adopts an explicitly comparative perspective, will be the intellectual signature of the journal under my editorship.

Moreover, for the first time in its 24 years of publication OS is going global. I am particularly delighted that two distinguished academics, Raghu Garud, Stern Business School, New York University, USA and Cynthia Hardy, Department of Management, University of Melbourne, Australia will join me as Co-editors. The revamped editorial structure includes a new layer of high-profile Senior Editors from all over the world, and several dozens of new Editorial Board members. I am really proud and grateful that some of the most reputable organizational and management scholars worldwide have chosen to affiliate themselves with Organization Studies.

Finally, the Editorial Office of OS is located at ALBA and is run by a full-time Editorial Officer, Sophia Tzagaraki. We are all excited at ALBA for having OS based here, which reflects the vibrant academic community we have created at ALBA and the emphasis we place on high-quality research.


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