The ALBA MBA teambuilding event concluded with success

Monday, 29/09/2014

The academic year had a fascinating start here at ALBA, with the teambuilding event which took place on Saturday, August 30, 2014. ALBA's MBA new students met at Iraion lake at Loutraki where they spent a full day experiencing educational activities in order to "break the ice" and build team spirit which will be essential for the year to come.

All the activities were carefully designed by specialists according to the needs and characteristics of the students, the attributes of the MBA program and of course, ALBA’s culture. The main goal of the teambuilding event was to help the students get to know one another, build trust among them, make them work together and overcome any communication problem it might come up dealing with difficult situations. All this through fun activities which in many cases make the participants step outside their comfort zone.  

We would like to wish to our new MBA students who started their classes at September 1st,  to have a fruitful and enlightening year.

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