MBA Induction Day with an ActionAid twist

Monday, 09/10/2017

The new academic year of The ALBA MBA and the MBA in Shipping began in a exciting way with  the annual team-building event, that took place on Sunday September 9th.Our new MBA students met at the premises of the American College of Greece, where for one full day engaged in  interactive educational activities  in order to strengthen their  team spirit, a cornerstone  skill for their progress in the program. This year  the induction event was set upon a different approach. The purpose was to instill ALBA’s value to all new MBA students through a different set of activities, which allowed them to bond and at the same time realize the responsibility they have towards society as citizens and future leaders.


We believe that academic institutions play a key role in enriching, promoting and supporting business ethics, social responsibility and sustainability. ALBA have has a vision of a more prosperous society for all stakeholders, for a business world thriving with activity, innovation and sustainability, for leaders who inspire, aspire and enact.  Furthermore our mission is to educate the visionary leaders of tomorrow, who will be the agents of change for a society where human rights are respected, labor is honored, the environment is protected and corruption is nonexistent.

Based on these deep rooted beliefs we transformed our MBA induction event, from a simple team building to an opportunity to instill the sense of responsibility to our new students. We invited ActionAid and their facilitators to play with our students the ‘Greatest Game Against Poverty, a game designed by ActionAid Hellas and inspired by the board game "Snake & Ladder".

Each step hid a story and an unknown world from a different country. Τhe players while moving became a little girl from Afghanistan who has managed to go to school, a mother trying to protect her children after the Nepal earthquake, a Palestinian trying to go to work, an Athenian who tries to overcome Greece's crisis! Each roll of the dice was lurking overturns and the final result of the game was each time truly ambiguous. Team/players to win were those who manage to claim all their rights during the game.

It was a very powerful experience  which triggered stimuli , emotions and deeper thoughts. By the end of the game our new students were overwhelmed and at the same time  impressed by the important and necessary work of ActionAid worldwide.


ActionAid’s Facilitator, Mara Psaraki, Supporter Reporting Senior Officer said:
“ActionAid’s version of “Snakes & Ladders” is experiential, raising awareness on human rights all over the world. The players get to experience in a safe environment what could easily happen to them in real life: sometimes they move up the ladder and other times their life is shattered in seconds, so they are back to square one. A series of ups and downs, till someone lends you a helping hand; or maybe not. Which side will you choose once the game is over?

Awareness is the key to solidarity and action. Just by looking at the students’ faces and heartfelt reactions that day as they put themselves in other people’s shoes, we are filled with hope. Thank you for playing with us!”

Dr. PavlosVlachos, Academic Director of The ALBA MBA said:
“Today, we wholeheartedly welcome to the ALBA Graduate Business School community our new MBA students.

From day one we want ALBA MBA students to realize that as business leaders every decision they make brings along heavy moral baggage; their decisions can and will affect the well-being of close or distant others. We tried to pass on this important message in partnership with ActionAid Hellas and we feel it is well worth it.

Keep on keeping on ALBA MBA class of 2019! Always put your (social) thinking cap on, and if I am allowed to paraphrase George R.R. Martin, bear in mind that a business mind needs business education as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its business edge”  


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