Joint Bloomberg - ALBA Scholarship program for Greece

Friday, 13/06/2014


This scholarship program offers Greek students who take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) the opportunity to study for the M.Sc. in Finance degree at ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece.

The scholarship program applies to BAT participants in Greece over the period May-Aug 2014 and refers to those applicants for the M.Sc. in Finance program who meet the typical admission requirements for the September 2014 registration as stated in the school’s site. 

Interested applicants need to submit the online academic application and will go through the standard admission procedure and interview. Scholarships are open only to the 2014-2015 academic year . The cost of this program is €12,500. The duration of study is 12 months full time, 24 months for the part time mode, and the program begins in September 2014.

The Joint Bloomberg-ALBA Scholarship program for Greece consists of:

  • One full, (100%) scholarship to the person with the highest BAT score in Greece. Minimum score required for this scholarship is 600
  • Two partial, (40%) scholarships for the second and third highest BAT scores in Greece. Minimum score required for these scholarships is 550
  • Four partial, (25%) scholarships for the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh, highest BAT scores in Greece. Minimum score required for these scholarships is 500.

Important Notes:

  • Students that have already registered for the M.Sc. program are automatically excluded from the specific scholarship program.
  • This scholarship program cannot be offered in conjunction with other scholarships, discount schemes, or financial aid programs offered by ALBA Graduate Business School.
  • ALBA Graduate business school has the right to contact the participants of the Bloomberg Aptitude Test in Greece to inform them about other funding opportunities subject to availability and approval of the Scholarships Committee of the School.

For additional information about the application process for the M.Sc. in Finance at ALBA Graduate Business and the Bloomberg-ALBA Joint Scholarship Program please contact Mrs. Lila Efstathiadi, at [email protected]  or call at +0030 210 8964531, ext 2283. 


The BAT is a multiple choice test that evaluates your abilities as relative to a career in finance and then helps you to anonymously market yourself to over 20,000 employers via the Bloomberg Talent Search. All questions on the BAT evaluate aptitude rather than knowledge so you do not need to have a background in Finance in order to do well on the test. **The BAT is offered FREE of charge on campus and you can also retake the test for FREE (only your best scores will be visible to employers). Students of all degrees and all levels of study are invited to take the BAT as we offer a variety of internship and full time job opportunities.


Bloomberg L.P. is the leading financial data analytics and media company based in NYC that provides financial software tools, data services and news through the Bloomberg Terminal to over 20,000 global financial and business companies. The Terminal is a computer system that provides access to financial news and analytics, enabling users to monitor and analyze financial market data in real-time and place trades on the electronic trading platform. Bloomberg has developed the BAT to connect talented students around the world with leaders in the finance industry.

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