Establishment of the George D. Mavros Research Professorship

Tuesday, 11/12/2001

The first Research Professorship, entitled ''The George D. Mavros Research Professorship'' has been created at ALBA, with a pledge of 150 million drachmas, by Mr Dimitri G. Mavros, Chairman & Managing Director of the PRC Group, The Management House SA, in honor of his father, George D. Mavros.

The Research Professorship has been assigned to Professor Haridimos Tsoukas, who has been appointed as ''The George D. Mavros Research Professor of Organization and Management''.

Statement by the donor, Mr Dimitri G. Mavros

''The accumulation of knowledge through the use of research was always the cornerstone of innovation, competitiveness and growth of any enterprise. In today's hypercompetitive environment, knowledge is the only weapon that can differentiate an organization from its competitors and can allow it to capture new peaks of performance and profitability. My decision to support ALBA and its goal to become a creator of change agents for the Greek society by establishing the George D. Mavros Research Professorship, was based on three things:

First, on my belief in research as a knowledge creation force. Research is a field I have served all my adult life both in the academic and the business arena.

Second, it expresses my strong conviction that in the hands of ALBA this contribution will bear multiple benefits for the Greek management and society.

And third, it was based on the need to honor my father as a minimum expression of gratitude for his support and continuous encouragement of my efforts for improvement and accumulation of knowledge. I cannot think of a better recipient of these funds than ALBA and Professor Haridimos Tsoukas. ALBA was born with my support during my presidency at the Hellenic Management Association and it truly surpassed with its record of excellence the expectations of its founding members''.

Dimitri G. Mavros
Chairman & Managing Director, PRC Group
The Management House SA

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