Dr. G. Batsakis coordinated the 13th People Management Executive Seminar

Sunday, 03/12/2017

For the 13th consecutive year Boussias Communications organized The People Management Executive Seminar, attracting more than 300 senior executives from the Human Resource Management, CEOs and Line Managers. This year's event. that took place on November 21st,  focused on preparing businesses, and HR function, for the new dynamically changing work environment. 

As the Keynote speaker, Professor John Boudreau, stated "the vital future frontier for HR, is not within the HR profession but" Beyond HR "in the thousands of decisions made by leaders and employees about their own human capital and the human capital under their stewardship ".

Our core faculty member, Dr. Georgios Batsakis, Assistant Professor of International Business presented the Keynote speaker and coordinated the event.

As he mentioned: "It was a real pleasure and unique opportunity to be given the role of coordinator of the 13th People Management Executive Seminar. This annual seminar gives the opportunity to a number of senior HR executives of leading companies and organisations in Greece to gain access to cutting edge knowledge with regard to the future of HR in a rapidly changing environment.

Prof. Boudreau’s approach to the question of “what the future of HR is?” was nothing short of excellent. The presentation of our guest speaker was pivotal in advancing our understanding and knowledge with regard to the future of HR. We, at ALBA, are always keen to support such forward-thinking initiatives."

Through four intensive sessions based on his extensive research, teaching and counseling work across the globe, leading HR expert John W. Boudreau analyzed the latest developments and the future HR taking into account, among others, technology, changes in working relationships, talent management and new tools for a modern and efficient HR function.



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