Dean K. Axarloglou at The World in 2019 Gala Dinner

Friday, 01/02/2019

During  The World in 2019 Gala Dinner and the panel discussion "Can we make the world a better place”, Dean Axarloglou answered Daniel Franklin's questions about if and how AI is permuting all types of business while he had a change to interact and discuss with Sophia, the advanced humanoid.

Dr. Axarloglou mentioned that AI and robotics are indeed penetrating all industries, including education and the experience can be described in one word: positive! As he explained "AI and technology allows us thought tremendous improvement in efficiency to have more resource and to democratize resource. These are great news!”

He also acknowledged that this rapid evolution could be scary and even create a sense of competition among humans and robots. However as he stated, “There is an opportunity to develop a symbiotic relationship among humans and robots so that the 2 complement each other, to the improvement of the happiness of the society”. He concluded by setting a bigger question:  “We are in Greece, the birthplace of <metro> : The balance between the extremes (excessiveness) in order not to disturb the Universe (society). How will the symbiosis of the human kind and the robot help the world not simply to achieve prosperity but mostly happiness, avoid excessiveness, extremism and achieve balance in the society? Under what conditions and ethical values?” 


He also asked Sophia if she has a sense of happiness and fulfillment !


At the follow up questions Dean Axarloglou underlined that  "The name of the game is learning ecosystem. We need to develop a certain attitude towards learning- an attitude that Sophia has already since she is programed this way (to learn from her interactions). So we need to develop a continuous learning process. As a business school we want to help students acquire skills relevant  to today but also help them develop an attitude or perpetual learning"


Alba was the academic supporter of The World in 2019 Gala Dinner. This annual event , blends intelligence, networking and entertainment and brings together high-level and intellectually curious individuals, C-suite executives and business leaders, senior representatives from government, leading academics and thinkers. Speeches and presentaions included inspiring and thought-provoking predictions .

This year's event was set to "Question the Self- Evident" while the  panel consisted of : Kostas Axarloglou, Dean and professor of international business and strategy, Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece | Dimitrios Dimitriou, Associate professor, dept. of economics, Democritus University of Thrace, chairman of the BoD, Athens International Airport (AIA) |Peter Haas, Associate director, Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative, Brown University and Sophia, Advanced humanoid.

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