Contemporary trends in management: A new ALBA – ECONOMICOS TAHYDROMOS series of articles

Thursday, 23/01/2003

The science of Business Administration, a relatively new science, is progressing very rapidly. New practices in Management evolve at the same pace. Theory and practice in Management are interrelated; the more updated the managers on the evolutions of the science of Business Administration, the more likely it is that they will engage in critical thinking, utilizing their experience, and will attempt to apply the best management practices. On the other hand, academic researchers are invited to report, examine and explain management practices (may they be good or bad), and suggest more effective ways of management.

ALBA and OECONOMICOS TAHYDROMOS have created the article series ''Contemporary Trends in Management'', which includes 20 articles in total (one per week). The articles will present the latest trends in Business Administration theory and practice, internationally and locally. The majority of the articles' authors (ALBA faculty, internationally renowned academics and distinguished individuals in the area of management), has been invited to write their articles especially for the series. The purpose of this effort is to present to the readers of OECONOMICOS TAHYDROMOS, in a friendly and understandable way, the latest management trends, in order to inform and motivate the practitioners of management.

The articles will cover all areas of Business Administration - including Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Production Management, Marketing, Management of Information Systems, Accounting and Financial Management. Apart from the ''Contemporary Trends in Management'' series, the readers of OECONOMICOS TAHYDROMOS will be able to participate in an on-line competition, by answering 40-50 questions based on the series content, after all the articles have been published. The winner of the competition will participate for free at an ALBA Executive Seminar in the year 2003. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th winners will be able to select 5 books from the ''Management'' series of KASTANIOTIS Publishing.

There will be a separate competition for ALBA alumni, the terms of which will be announced at the above electronic address. The current students of all ALBA Academic Programs for the year 2002-2003 cannot participate at the competition.

The series is sponsored by Hay Group S.A. and edited by Dr. Haridimos Tsoukas, ''The George D. Mavros'' Research Professor of Organization and Management, ALBA & Professor of Organization Theory and Behavior at the University of Strathclyde, Graduate Business School; Dr. Vasilis Theoharakis, Assistant Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, ALBA; and Dr. Nikolaos Mylonopoulos, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, ALBA.

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