Congratulations to the 2012 ALBA Graduates!

Monday, 15/10/2012

The 2012 ALBA Graduation Ceremony took place on October 11, at the Pierce Theater of the American College of Greece. This year, 204 MSc and MBA degrees were awarded to the graduating students of the ALBA Programs: The ALBA MBA, Professional MBA, MBA in Shipping, MBA in Banking, ALBA- Eurobank Ergasias MBA in Financial Service, MSc in International Business and Management, MSc in Finance, MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management, MSc in Business for Lawyers, MSc in International Shipping and Finance.

This year’s keynote speaker was Mr. Aristos Doxiadis, Economist and Venture Capital Professional. During his speech he presented a short list of business tips for this time of crisis and change, and concluded with the following remarks to the graduating students: “It is a difficult time, but you can be sure of this: all crises come to an end. In the case of Greece, what will happen when the economy starts growing again is that a million new jobs eventually will be created. It will not be people going back to their old jobs. It will involve professionals and young people moving into sectors that have been neglected over the past thirty years: the so called tradables, which are exposed to global competition. Agriculture, specialty foods, light manufacturing, design intensive artifacts, professional services for the global market, technology. So, who is going to take the initiative to plan these new businesses? Who will be both visionary and serious enough to attract capital for these? Nobody, I am afraid. Except for you people, in this room.

You can read Mr. Aristos Doxiadis complete speech here or watch it online at a!batv

The Ceremony was concluded with a short address from the Member of the ALBA Alumni Association Mrs. Erato Paraschaki, Alumna of the 2nd Class of the Professional MBA.

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