Best Workplaces Survey Results on Employee Benefits

Friday, 20/03/2009

Private Health Insurance and Education top-rated HR benefits among employees

The HR benefits most preferred by employees are private health insurance and executive education, according to the Best Workplaces evaluation of 45 employee benefits. The survey was based on the responses of more than 16,000 employees from 109 companies, which have participated at the Best Workplaces survey during the last three years.

The survey results were presented at the event entitled “Employee Benefits: Key Investment or money down the drain?” organized by the Greek Personnel Management Association in collaboration with the Great Place to Work® Institute Hellas and ALBA Graduate Business School, and the support of Our World Group, on March 16, 2009.

The results were presented by Mr. Dimitris Ganoudis, General Manager of Great Place to Work® Institute Hellas and Dr. Olga Epitropaki, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and HR Management at ALBA Graduate Business School, to more than 170 HR professionals. 

According to the results of the survey, employees of multinational companies appear to be more satisfied by the HR benefits they receive, in comparison to the employees of companies from the services sector. Moreover, women and young employees (less than 35 years old) are less satisfied by the benefits that they receive, whereas managers appear more satisfied by benefits related to compensation, career development and work permit.

The findings also show that in excellent workplaces, employees receive a number of benefits such as:

  • Compensation and bonuses
  • Career Development
  • Recognition and rewarding
  • Flexibility and work-life balance

Employees also appear to demand more benefits like:

  • Flexibility and work-life balance
  • Education and development (i.e. studies financing) in order to improve their competitiveness in the labor market
  • Health & wellness programs

The general conclusion of the survey is that a mutual solution for all organizations is not possible, whilst a regular reappraisal of the offered benefits and a thorough understanding of the personnel needs and particularities is recommended to the HR professionals.

The presentation of the results was followed by a panel discussion consisting of Mr. Stelios Stavridis, President and CEO, PISCINES IDEALES, Mr. Ioannis Koutrakis, HR Manager, MICROSOFT HELLAS, Ms Dorothee Marschall, Quality Manager, EXODUS and Ms Niki Nyktari, HR Director, PROCTER & GAMBLE HELLAS. Mr. Yiannis Kolovos, General Manager of Accor Services and Ms Maria Katsarou, Partner of Our World Group also participated in the discussion.

For more information on the survey please contact Ms Zoe Kourounakou, tel: +30 210 8964531, e-mail: [email protected].


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