ALBA participates in two new European research projects

Wednesday, 09/03/2011

ALBA currently participates in two new European research projects, funded by Lifelong Learning Program (Leonardo Da Vinci).

GeCo: Improving Gender Equality Competences of Persons Responsible for Personnel Development in Private Enterprises and Higher Education

GeCo will develop a European toolbox with practical examples of gender equality measures that can be implemented within organizations. The toolbox is conceived as an innovative self-learning instrument, which details change processes and provides concrete examples to motivate decision makers to improve gender quality in their own organization. National network meetings on gender equality topics will provide the opportunity for HR managers to exchange experiences.

The GeCo partners – led by Technical University of Dortmund – are mainly institutions which award organizations for good practice in gender equality and have a large ‘pool’ of interventions that create good practice in gender equality. The consortium will therefore demonstrate effective ways for HR Managers to implement these measures in their own organizations. This expertise will be available to HR managers in a focused and user-friendly way.

For more info please visit: GeCo

MOVE ON: Professional Learning for Adults on the move

Having identified the technological, pedagogical and societal facts that characterize current adult learning, the main challenge of the MOVE-ON project is to increase the overall volume of participation of adult professionals in learning and vocational education by focusing on the possibilities offered by the portable devices widely adopted lately as the new access medium to learning. MOVE-ON’s consortium (led by Exodus S.A.) will motivate, enable and support busy adult professionals in learning on-the-move or at 'non-places'.

The goal of the MOVE-ON project is to develop and demonstrate a new practice for adult lifelong learning and personal development based on widespread portable devices, to be consumed while on-the-move or at 'non-places'.

For more info please visit: MOVE-ON

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