Alba at the 3rd Ecomobility Conference

Monday, 20/01/2020

A number of important announcements on the motivation for the purchase and use of electric vehicles were made during the 3rd Ecomobility Conference held in the context of the Eco-Fest 2020, in Technopolis of Athens.

In a particularly favorable context for Greece, which should accelerate the step towards adopting alternative modes of transport, the conference  hosted speakers from the political arena, the private sector and academia, giving them the opportunity to delve deeper into key issues such as the legal framework for electric driving and environmental protection, incentives for businesses and individuals, as well as the latest technologies for green vehicles and alternative fuels.

Among the speakers, Alba Dean Dr. Kostas Axarloglou shared his views about Sustainability in Management Education.

More spesifically Dean Axarloglou mentioned that the management education has developed on the Neoclassical model where the scope of management is to maximize profits and shareholder value. This mindset heavily discounts the future in favor of the present and the short run. However, the “ecocentric” mindset leads management to maximize stakeholders value (welfare and equity) and achieve sustainability (e.g. optimization of resource utilization without depletion) in three dimensions: Climate, Society, EconomicAcademic research in management also focuses on sustainability issues (e.g. exploring the importance of sustainable finance and the need for non-financial metrics of business performance, to better reflect the full costs, benefits and impact of corporate activity). Business education focuses on developing the mindset of managers from shareholder optimization to stakeholder optimization through experiential learning initiatives (e.g. social projects, filed trip experiences, etc.) that emphasize reflexivity, critique and social action/engagement. 


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