52% of 2002 Full-Time MBA graduates already absorbed by job market

Tuesday, 01/10/2002

Three months after the 10th ALBA Career Forum, held with the participation of a record 76 companies, 22 out of the 42 ALBA graduates that were readily available in the job market upon completion of their studies are already employed (52%). Out of them, one has joined the family business.

ALBA is also proud to announce that the results from the evaluation of the 10th ALBA Career Forum by participating companies were extremely positive, yet another indication of the high status ALBA students enjoy in the Greek business community.

ALBA would like to thank the companies that took the time to fill in the 10th ALBA Career Forum Evaluation Form. According to the results of the evaluation, the majority (65%) of the companies regard ALBA as a ''very good source for potential recruits'' and 21% as an ''excellent'' source for corporate recruits. Moreover, 62% state that they participated in the Career Forum in order to ''investigate opportunities for covering future needs''. The organizational aspect of the 10th ALBA Career Forum was rated as ''very good'' by 53% and as ''excellent'' by 41%. Finally, over 40% rated the maturity/personality, preparation, communication skills and level/scope of knowledge of the students as ''very good'' and their behavior and ethics as ''excellent''.


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