100 Best Workplaces in Europe 2012

Thursday, 21/06/2012

The top 100 best companies list in Europe is produced since 2003. This year, more than 1.500 companies competed from 18 countries in Europe. These companies represent some 1,2 million employees. Great Place to Work® has been analysing, understanding, selecting and publishing Best Workplace lists around the world for 20 years. You’ll find three different 2012 European lists: a multinational companies list and two separate lists for the best companies in two size categories — one for companies with 50 to 500 employees and one for companies with more than 500 employees. To be eligible for the multinational list, a company must have appeared on at least three national Best Workplaces lists in Europe.

5 Greek companies made it to the 100 top least for 2012. 4 companies were included in the top 25 multinational companies list. And one company was ranked 4th in the list of companies with more than 500 employees.

Top 25 Multinationals



 Number of countries awarded (including Greece)


 SAS Institute






 Leroy Merlin





Top Big companies with more than 500 employees


4          Athenian Brewery (Greece)

“All 100 Best European Workplaces have also been recognised as Best Workplaces in their respective countries. What unite them across countries, economies and cultures is strong and visionary leadership and a commitment to creating the kind of workplace where employees trust the management, have pride in what they do and enjoy working with their colleagues. It is these motivated and dedicated employees who are more likely to support the organisation and help companies get through times of economic uncertainty.

The companies recognised as Europe’s Best Workplaces have established work cultures that set the standard not only in Europe but around the world. Many have achieved this in a number of different European countries in which they operate. Against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty over the Euro more companies are recognising the importance of a workplace culture based on trust and the impact this can have on business performance; Indeed, our study of companies over the last 20 years shows that high-trust work environments are more successful in overcoming difficult times. Creating a great workplace is a powerful competitive tool, which is used by an increasing number of companies in Europe and around the globe.” José Tolovi, Jr. Global Chairman of the Board @ Great Place to Work Institute.

ALBA Graduate Business School would like to congratulate the 5 companies for the excellent workplace they have managed to create. Keep up the good work!


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