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Upcoming Information Session, February 10: “Study in Greece or abroad?”

10 of February 2016
RSVP Telephone info: 210-8964531
18:30-20:00 our premises

Studying abroad seems to be a self-evident choice for MSc or MBA studies for many graduates. Experiencing a different academic model, acquiring international experience, or even benefiting from the labor market in the country of studies are some of the motives for studying abroad.

Increasingly, however, many return to Greece disillusioned with the quality of their study abroad as they realize only very few, elite universities (but very expensive at the same time) can offer a truly rewarding learning environment. Still, others return to Greece only to find out they have lost their connection with the labor market waiting for years to get a decent job. Even in countries with lower tuition fees, the total cost of living can be unjustifiably large for the value they can get.

At ALBA we take these concerns seriously and we have crafted a learning environment, known as "Business unusual" inspired by top business schools in US & Europe. Our Business unusual method has helped over 3000 alumni to develop successful careers in Greece and over the world.

So, join us to discuss further on why studying at ALBA
can prove to be the right decision.

Also join us to learn from Mr. Theodoros- Evangelos Bonoris, our MSc in Finance student, and Senior Credit Analyst at ICAP S.A. on how his ALBA Experience advanced his career!

Additionally, we will guide you through the ALBA program portfolio and help you choose the ONE that fits YOUR needs.

Executive MBA • The ALBA MBΑ • MBA in Shipping • MBA in Banking • MSc in Finance 
MSc in Risk Management • MSc in Marketing • MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management • MSc in Business for Lawyers • Double Masters for Lawyers • MSc in International Business and Management • MSc in Shipping Management • MSc in International Shipping and Finance • MSc in Entrepreneurship and • MSc in Tourism Management

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Use this opportunity to learn also how you can add focus to your career through the ALBA diagnostic test!

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