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Upcoming Information Session, April 20: “Are you a Worrier or a Warrior? Advance Your Career with the ALBA MBA”

20 of April 2016
RSVP Telephone info: 210-8964531
18:30-20:00 our premises

The MBA degree provides the means to change one’s professional life. Either you seek a promotion within your profession or you want to pursue a different career path, the MBA offers you a solid foundation on which to build your ‘new’ career.

At ALBA, faculty of an international caliber, achieve this transformative experience through a holistic management curriculum that ranges from the fundamental courses of the program, i.e., economics, finance & accounting, operations, marketing & strategy, to leadership development, creativity and innovation to entrepreneurship.

So, join us to hear about the ALBA MBA program and find out how, by allowing participants to ‘reinvent’ themselves, it provides the substance of a life changing experience.

Also, Mr. Stefanos Tavoularis, an ALBA MBA alumnus, Medical Science Liaison, Oncology,  AstraZeneca Greece will share his ALBA experience with you.

Additionally, we will guide you through the ALBA program portfolio and help you choose the ONE that fits YOUR needs.

• Executive MBA • The ALBA MBΑ • MBA in Shipping • MSc in Finance • MSc in Risk Management • MSc in Marketing • MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management • MSc in Business for Lawyers • Double Masters for Lawyers • MSc in International Business and Management • MSc in Shipping Management • MSc in International Shipping and Finance • MSc in Entrepreneurship and • MSc in Tourism Management

You can register here

Use this opportunity to learn also how you can add focus to your career through the ALBA diagnostic test!

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