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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: The Alba MBA

15 of May 2019
RSVP [email protected] Telephone info: +302108964531
18:30 - 21:00 Xenis 6-8

The modern business world is characterized by continuous and rapid disruptions.

New technologies, new markets and products, well informed customers, and intense competition leaves small room for mistakes and wrong choices. The modern manager is called not just to implement and execute certain tasks in a “business as usual” mode of operation but must sense the business environment, learn from it, and adjust the business model of the firm to cope effectively with the various uncertainties that arise.

While such uncertainties might threaten the traditional way of doing business, at the same time they offer new opportunities for exiting new business projects for those who are not afraid of change and know how to manage it.

The Alba MBA degree provides the means to change one’s professional life by transforming the students to active business learners, capable of studying in depth the business developments that take place in global markets. Our faculty of an international caliber offers the knowledge and skills that modern managers need through a holistic curriculum especially designed for the new reality the  business world is faced with. Blending with other managers of different academic background (STEM, Business, and Humanities), different industries, functions, and nationalities offers the opportunity to the Alba MBA students to benefit from diversity, broaden their outlook and build useful networks for lifetime.

Either you seek a promotion within your profession or wish to make a change in your career, you are invited to join us and discuss how the Alba MBA can help you in your personal and professional development.

During the information session 

  • Dr. Stefanos Zarkos, Associate Dean of Academic Programs will present the features of the program and its learning objectives.
  • MBA alumnus, Mr George Panou, Group Digital Innovation Director at Mellon Technologies, will share with you his transformative experience of studying at ALBA and the impact of the ALBA MBA in his career development.
  • Our Program Managers will share detailed information about our extensive scholarship and flexible payment program that makes your studies affordable.

Of course, we will guide you through the entire Alba program portfolio and help you choose the ONE that fits YOUR needs.

We look forward to meeting you!

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