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ALBA is the proud host of the Business School Innovation Forum 2015 organized by AMBA

25 of June 2015
RSVP Telephone info: 210-8964531
09:00-15:00 our premises

We are delighted to announce  that ALBA will host the  next Business School Innovation Forum which will take place on 25–26 June 2015 and is organized by the Association of MBA's.

This leading event gathers Program Managers and Alumni & Development staff from a large number of business schools, offering the ideal platform for knowledge exchange, networking and attending informative seminars and workshops with top experts in the field of business education.

The Business School Innovation Forum addresses the latest, most innovative strategies for business school staff and useful information for alumni. Here are some of the topics which will be covered at this year's event:

Program Managers

  • Enhancing an MBA using creative provocations
  • Evolution of the MBA program
  • MBA distinctiveness
  • Social media. How to build an effective multi-channel strategy
  • How to incentivize the best professors

Alumni, Development and Careers

  • Innovation in Business School alumni engagement and fundraising
  • Successfully managing alumni groups with positive outcomes
  • Low cost ways to keep alumni engaged with the Business School
  • Innovative ways to showcase your graduates


Apart from being the hosting School, a great honor for us, since ALBA is one of the few accredited Schools in Greece, we are happy to have two members of ALBA as speakers at the Forum.


Dr. Olga Epitropaki  , The Stavros Costopoulos Chair in Human Resource Management and Development, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Academic Director in MSc in Strategic HRM, will talk about the evolution of the MBA program in the next 20 years. With the world constantly changing the MBA is required to change to keep up with current demands. In this session Dr Epitropaki will look at current trends will shape the future of post graduate management education.


Mrs. Maria Moragianis , Career and Alumni Office Director at ALBA, will share knowledge on  low cost ways to keep alumni engaged to Business Schools. Alumni engagement is extremely beneficial to business schools yet most schools are faced with the challenge of having limited resources for their Alumni Relations departments. Maria Moragianis will present cost effective ways her School uses to combat this and ensure their alumni is effectively engaged.


For more information on the program and the conference's organized by AMBA you may visit the site.


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