Events & Seminars

ALBA hosts the next IMSF annual meeting

9 of May 2016
RSVP Telephone info: 210-8964531
09:00-21:00 our premises

The Chairman and the Steering Committee of the IMSF (International Maritime Statistic Forum) take great pleasure in announcing that the 2016 Annual Meeting will take place in Athens on 9-11th May,  at ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece. 

The International Maritime Statistics Forum (IMSF) has been in existence since the early 1970s'
 and was started by an informal coalition of statisticians in international maritime-related institutions. Its objective is "to promote harmonization and improvement in quality and scope of statistics within the international maritime industries, by means of ongoing work programs and by affiliation with prominent national and international maritime institutions".

IMSF members have organisational ties to government, trade associations, port authorities, shipbrokers, carriers, data providers, universities, research and other international organizations generally interested in the subject of maritime statistics.



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