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ALBA and Herakleidon Museum co-organize event titled 'STEM+START=SMART' on Thursday January 21st

21 of January 2016
RSVP [email protected] Telephone info: 210-8964531
15:30-20:00 Herakleidon Museum

ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece

and Herakleidon Museum are co organizing an open event titled

 ‘STEM+SMART=SMART’, Access to Knowledge through Science, Art and Math for the development and orchestration of skills required in the 21st century

The event will take place at Herakleidon Museum on Thursday, January 21.


ALBA Faculty  - Nikos Mylonopoulos, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Olga Epitropaki The Stavros Costopoulos Chair in Human Resource Management and Development, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management- and Herakleidon Museum Executives  - Aris Mavrommatis, Scientific Supervisor of Herakleidon Museum and Nikos Kontoprias Executive Director of Herakleidon Museum- will engage into a dialogue in order to approach STEM and its value throughout all the phases of a person’ s life  (childhood, student, adult) and will explore together how STEM interrelates with Arts and Humanities in order to co-create authenticity.

How to prepare the next generation of executives and leaders in economy? It is clear that the main area of competition between countries is the production of knowledge and skills in science, engineering and technology. Our expertise shows us that there is no value  in the neutral  application of technology. It is stakeholders of the organizational and corporate world, who need to face the challenge to balance all ethical parameters. How can the executives and leaders obtain knowledge and phronesis to decide on issues of leadership and  ethics, apart from issues of economical and technical know-how?

This event will try to converge two ostensibly opposite fields of knowledge. This of Science and Technology, fields of abundance and employability, and that of the Art, as an access to the person and the values that we want to prevail in our times.

The event will take place at Herakleidon Museum (Herakleidon 16 str, Thision). Arrival time: 15.30-16.00.

For more information and to register please contact ALBA Executive Development: [email protected], 210 89.64.531

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